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Behavior policy  


                                                   Mrs. Yates Classroom Behavior chart

I wanted a behavior chart this year that will not only help the children understand when they need to correct a behavior, but also a chart that rewards excellent behavior.

All children will begin each day with a clothes pin on a chart that says “Ready to Learn”. If the child does not follow directions, they will be asked to move the clothes pin to “think about it”. This is their warning. If the child continues to have difficulty not following directions, they will then move their clip to “Parent Contact”. I will then call, email, or write the parent a note.

On the positive side, if a child improves their behavior they will have to opportunity to move their clothespin back up to “ Ready to Learn.”

If a child completes his/her work timely and cooperates with their peers. They may move their clothes pin up to “Good Day”. If I see them going above and beyond with extra effort they may also move their clothes pin to “Great Job” If they make it to “Great Job” they can earn a pack of “Smarties” candy.

I will have a chart in their folder for you to see daily and sign. If I miss a day, it will be because we had a special assembly or I am absent. This is a new program for my classroom. I like it because it offers positive reinforcement for each child and allows a child to correct inappropriate behavior.