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Who was Bill Arp?
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bill Arp

     Major Charles Henry Smith was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, served in the Confederate Army, was elected Mayor of Rome, Georgia, and practiced law in west Georgia.  Patriotic, deeply religious, with an amazing memory and a love of reading, Major Smith became famous under the pen name, Bill Arp.

     Writing letters and columns for newspapers after the end of the Civil War, Major Smith expressed his opinions using the penname Bill Arp, who was a local humorous ferry operator.  Major Smith believed that he could best express the feelings of his fellow Georgians by writing as a countryman rather than as an educated lawyer.   Once he was introduced as "not the greatest man, nor the best man, nor the most eloquent man, but...truthfully...the best loved man in all the South".

     Our local community so respected his opinions that they chose to name their little community and ultimately their school after this wise gentleman, and Bill Arp it remains to this day.

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