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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Our new cafeteria payment option....

New Cafeteria Payment Option

What is ParentOnline?

   ParentOnline is a secure, online system that allows parents to make cafeteria meal payments to their child(ren)'s cafeteria accounts via credit or debit card.  Parents can remotely monitor their child(ren)'s accounts anytime from any Internet-enabled computer. 

  • Remotely monitor your child(ren)'s cafeteria account balance and purchases.
  • Make a one-time online payment anytime, anywhere.
  • Set up hassle-free automatic payments for each child.
  • Set up low balance e-mail message alerts.

How do I create an account?

Go to from any internet-enabled computer.

1. Click the blue arrow that says CREATE AN ACCOUNT or Register in the upper right of the screen.

2. Step 1 - User Information

      • Enter the security letters. If security image is unreadable, click the Try a different Image link.
      • Select State and School District by clicking the down arrows.
      • Enter your desired username. Check Availability allows you to see if the username is available.
      • Enter Password with a minimum of 6 characters. Enter Password again for confirmation. 
      • Enter an E-mail address which will be able to receive ParentOnline emails. 
      • Choose a Security Question for verification purposes. 
      • Enter your Answer to the security question. 
      • Click the Next Step button.

3. Step 2 - Personal Information

      • Enter First Name and Last Name (of the account holder), Address, City, State and Zip Code.
      • Enter a Phone number at which the user can be contacted.
      • Click the Next Step button.

4.  Step 3 - Review and Register

      • Click the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy box to accept. Click the link to read.
      • If the information is not correct, click the Edit Registration Info button and make corrections.
      • If the information is correct, click the Register button.

5.  Step 4 - Registration Confirmation

      • You should see the following: "Congratulations! Your Registration was Successful!"
      • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered.

How do I add my child(ren)?

1.  Click Add Student from the "My Student Account" section.

2.  Enter the Student ID number.  The school should provide this number.

3.  Select your child's School by clicking the dropdown arrow.

4.  When your child's Name and Balance populates, select Add.

5.  Continue Steps 1 to 4 for each child you wish to add.

How do I make a payment/add money to my child's account?

     You can continue to send money to school with your child or you can add money via Make a Payment.

1.  Click Make a Payment.

2.  Check the box(es) for the child(ren) for which you want to add money.

3.  Enter the Amount you want to pay for each child then click the Next button.

4.  Enter the Billing Information to include Card Number, Card Type, and Expiration Date.

5.  Enter the Card Billing Address Information.  This address must match the address that is on file with your credit/debit card company.

I made an online payment.  How long before it is available for my child(ren) at school?

The student's cafeteria account is updated at the school within 24-48 hours (may update as quickly as 2 hours).

Is there a fee or service charge when I make an online payment?

A per-transaction convenience fee** of 5% is charged for each online payment.  For example, if you make a $20.00 payment, the total debited from your debit/credit card is $21.00.  The available funds for your child(ren) will be $20.00.

**This percentage varies from school district to school district.   

Is there a way to be notified when my child(ren)'s account is low?

Yes!  Follow these steps:

1.    Login to ParentOnline; the My Student Account is the default page.

2.    From the My Student Account section on the left, click the "Low Balance Alert".

3.    Set the balance level at which you would like to be alerted for each child's account.

4.    Select the box if you would like to receive repeat low balance alert emails. Enter a number as the frequency in which you would like to receive repeat low balance alert emails.

5.    Double check the email address to which alerts will be sent.

a.    If the email is not correct - click the Edit button.

b.    Change the email address.

c.     Click the Update button to save changes or Cancel to exit without saving changes.

What happens to the money in my child(ren)'s account at the end of the school year?

For your convenience, your child(ren)'s account balance will move with them from grade to grade and school to school within the district.

I was trying to make a payment and it locked my account.

For security purposes, after three failed payment attempts, a user's payment function is locked.  You will need to contact ParentOnline Support to have the lock removed.

Is there a Joint Account option?

You can use the Add Student button to manage all of your children's accounts from one ParentOnline account.  When you make an online payment simply enter how much of that payment should go to each child.

Can I transfer money from one child to another?

No.  Contact the school district to inquire about transferring funds. 

Additional Options available online at

  • Payment History
  • Account History
  • Automatic Payments
  • Change Username
  • Change Password
  • Change Email
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Terms and Conditions

If you have additional questions or issues:

Email Support:
Phone Support: (866) 442-6030
ParentOnline Support Hours of Operation: 7:00am - 6:00pm CST

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